Introducing Little Fire

Whilst the autumnal colours are fading away and the sky seems a little bit more grey, the days are getting shorter and colder, you need a little bit of warmth to keep you going. The unique and mysterious flair of the Scottish act Little Fire (Jamie McGeechan) might just be something what will brighten up your day.

The Ayr-based artist little by little makes his mark on the unsigned Scottish music scene, and gathers more fans with his husky, sultry vocals accompanied by a lovely acoustic guitar.

Jamie's stage name originated from his younger brother's name - Little Fire is its literal Gaelic translation. Apart from close ties with his family, this shows the gentle, soft side of the artist - one that is evident in his original compositions. Also, it emphasises an appreciation and strong link to his Scottish heritage and culture (listen to his interpretation of Robert Burns' poems - it's magnificent).

If you need a pick-me-up for the autumn/winter season, or you are a supporter of the local Scottish music scene, make sure you check out Little Fire and like him on Facebook, follow on Twitter and listen to his music on BandCamp. For latest news and gigs visit his Official Website.

Little Fire's début album is coming out in 2013, we can hardly wait!

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