Introducing Retroverb


We heard a huge storm is coming from Edinburgh and soon will sweep across Scotland with a delicious rainfall of rock'n'roll! Retroverb is a very young, but promising four piece band featuring Paul Brough (vocals, rhythm guitar), David Major (drums), Alex Magid (bass) and Kris Brough (lead guitar).

The group playing a range of original indie, rock and alt music is in the process of writing their first E.P. and just announced a single release.

This new Scottish band most definitely deserves for success, as the group effortlessly combine a broad talent of members to produce a fresh, striking sound with not only high energy, but also a specific maturity and wisdom. This is most predominantly evident in their "Have You Ever Seen" - a piece that beautifully creates an intimate atmosphere with soft, soulful vocals, and delicate, almost ethereal instrumental arrangement. The expressive dynamics, underlying the message of the song and the sensitivity of its writers, are one of many unique traits of Retroverb.

Intelligent, witty lyrics, along with instrumental dexterity, mean the Edinburgh-based group stands out in the current music scene. Their modern take on the "retro" rock'n'roll spiced with the passionate Scottish spirit makes them the most interesting and promising band of this year.

We highly recommend you listen to Retroverb music, as it is bound to make home in your hearts with the edgy guitars, youthful, yet powerful vocals and energetic, pumping rhythm, like in "Roll On".

If you are interested in learning more about this great band, follow your steps to their Facebook page. If you can't stop listening to them already, make sure you visit their Soundcloud. Also, don't miss out on any updates, follow them on Twitter!

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