Introducing Rue Royale

Nostalgic, melancholic, melodic, delicate and very enjoyable - Rue Royale's music is the thing you need for the time of transition between summer and autumn.

Joining acoustic americana/folk with a dash of unique indie/pop the Anglo-American duo take the British music scene by the storm. Ruth and Brooklyn hailing from Midlands, UK and St Louis, USA started playing first together in Chicago, where they began a journey of composing haunting and beautiful music.

After extensive touring around Europe, gaining airplay on MTV, BBC 6muusic and XFM they came back with a second self-released album "Guide To An Escape" and are now set to release their newest single "Say Now, Would You" in early September. You can listen to this track now on Soundcloud.

Their latest work, which they released in March 2012, opens up with a beautifully crafted, intricate track titled same as the record - Guide To An Escape. The song, setting the mood for the entire album, features spotless vocal harmonies of both artists, soft strumming of guitar and crisp piano chords in the background. The utter yearning, sense of hoplessness expressed in the lyrical level of the composition is emphasised by elements of electronic guitar and organs weaved in the arrangement.

The record features 11 perfectly mastered artistic pieces composed for guitars, piano, percussion instruments and of course, excellently crafted, produced to the highest standard, pristine vocals.

Both Ruth and Brooklyn have a specific warmth in their voices. Richness of tone and interesting ability to seamlessly blend with one another make their music even more enjoyable and easy to take in.

Whilst listening to any of this Anglo-American duo's songs you begin to experience a sense of peace and harmony, as soothing melodies flow in through your ears, making your heart melt. This fact makes really difficult for us to pick a favourite track from this album, or let alone Rue Royale's whole repertoir.

One thing is absolutely certain - Rue Royale's performances are a must see for americana/folk/pop fans! Therefore, we will be attending their gig in Glasgow at Bar Bloc Thursday 4 September. Will you? For anyone who will miss it, we will post our thoughts on the duo's concert.

If you cannot make it for Rue Royale's gig in Glasgow, you will find details of other live appearances below:

If you would like to learn more about this fantastic duo, or listen to more of their music, find them on their Official Website, Facebook, Bandcamp or Twitter.

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