Introducing Sea Stacks

We all probably suffer from that "Monday feeling"... That's why we are coming to the rescue with a dose of uplifting music from Sea Stacks!

This unique indie orchestra based in London created by Davy Berryman, combines symphonic music with alternative, folk and pop sounds. They just released their debut two-track album "The High Tide".

Their fantastic compositions constitute of melancholic vocal melodies and beautiful instrumental arrangements. What's very interesting, the band introduce an extensive brass and strings section, in place of guitars and piano - which makes them stand out on the indie scene even more.

Their album features two songs that both lyrically and musically stand as metaphors to the cycle of the sea and, on a further symbolic level, to the human life: "The High Tide" and "The Low Tide".

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you visit their Official Website!

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