Retroverb Interview

It's almost the end of 2012 and for some bands it means a lot of gigging or a well-deserved Christmas break. For some, on the other hand, it might be just a beginning of their road...

We wrote about Retroverb, a brilliant band making it's mark on the Edinburgh music scene, a couple of months ago. We had an opportunity to gain a little bit of insight about their group, music making and current affairs. They have since released a four track self-titled E.P. featuring the best selection of their best material to date, e.g. the previously reviewed song "Have You Ever Seen" in a slightly changed arrangement.

Currently, the original members of Retroverb are looking for a bass player to join their team. If you are one, or know somebody who would make a great addition to this Edinburgh band, make sure to message them on Facebook.

Here is a little bit more about Retroverb:

Music Hive: Who is Retroverb? Please introduce yourselves.

Retroverb: We are a 4 piece Rock'n'Roll band from Edinburgh, who are looking to get our music out to the masses now that we have released our EP. It's available for purchase on our Bandcamp.

MH: In just a few sentences, please tell us how Retroverb became a band?

Paul: Originally myself, Paul, and my brother, Kris, had been writing a lot of music together but hadn't made any attempt to move forward with it. Once we played a few tunes to Dave, he was instantly on board and we began work on an the E.P. We got Alex in to play bass for the gigs that followed.

MH: Could you tell us a bit about musical/other factors that influenced your compositions? What are they and what are their importance in your lives?
Paul: Well because me and Kris share similar influences such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and Kasabian etc. it is easy for us to write together. We tend not to rush or force a song - otherwise it just ends up ruining the original feel the song had to begin with.

MH: How does your music writing process look like?

Paul: To be honest half the time I might say to Kris, or he may say to me: "I have this idea". Then if either of us has lyrics, we play around with them and see if they fit, but you can pretty much tell within the first 10 seconds if a song has that "hook". From there, we take the tune to practice and both Dave and Alex would add their influence and help work out the final structure of the song.

MH: What parts of being artists do you like the most and why?

Paul: We all enjoy the performing side of music, so to play your own tunes and see that people are enjoying - it is quite a surreal experience, but in the best of ways.

MH: How do you see your future as a band? What goals do you aim to achieve?

Paul: As this is only really the beginning of the band, the only way we can go is up. We haven't established ourselves yet as being a band in Scotland that people would be ready to follow religiously, so we aim to get ourselves more known in the next few months. As I mentioned earlier, we have just released our E.P. which is on sale via Bandcamp and we are keeping all our followers up to date on the happenings through Twitter and Facebook. We definitely need to get more gigs around the UK, but it's just a matter of finding bands and promoters to contact.

MH: Where can we see you performing the most? What are your favourite venues to play live and why?

Paul: We normally play Bannermans in Edinburgh and sometimes in Whistlebinkies as well. It's always fun to play either of them, because you are guaranteed banter with local bands and the crowds are usually mad for it. As I said, hopefully we can get into some more venues in the next few months, but we will keep everyone posted on the social network.

We would like to thank Retroverb for taking the time to answer our questions, and we keep our fingers crossed they will achieve all goals they are aiming for.

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