Rue Royale Interview

Some time ago we introduced to you the fantastic indie/pop Anglo-American duo - Rue Royale. Today, we would like to give you an opportunity to gain a little bit more insight into this great band, as we uncover their music influences and inspiration.

Music Hive: Who is Rue Royale? Please introduce yourselves.

Rue Royale: Hi there, we are Brookln and Ruth Dekker. Together we make up the Anglo-American band Rue Royale.

MH: In just a few sentences, please tell us how Rue Royale became a band?

Ruth: We started Rue Royale in 2006. We had been married for 3 years and the band Brookln was playing in was in the process of calling it quits. We ended up both grabbing guitars and working on a song together. We put the song on Myspace. Our friends loved it. We haven’t stopped.

MH: Could you tell us a bit about musical/other factors that influenced your compositions? What are they and what are their importance in your lives?

Brookln: We’ve each brought a different take on music to this collaboration. Being from two different countries our musical histories and inspirations have been very different. I was raised in the States on a strange mixture of Gospel music, Crooners and Fleetwood Mac. Ruth was raised in the Midlands on a brew of Brit-Pop and Grunge. You could imagine the nightmare of trying to marry all of these. So, we don’t. We write songs and so far, have tried to produce them only enough to support the essence of the songs themselves.

MH: How does your music writing process look like?

Ruth: Brookln usually starts the song with a little guitar melody or a vocal line found in the shower somewhere. Once it’s shaped up enough that he thinks there might be something to it, he brings it to me. We go from there working on lyrics and melody adjustments. Describing it this way makes it sound quite nice but it can actually be a real mess of arguments and hurt feelings as well. Just depends on the song, the emotion it conjures up and our caffeine levels really.

MH: Can you tell us a little about your inspirations and the creative process of writing and recording for your newest album "Guide To An Escape" (released early this year)?

Brookln: A lot of this record was written in short breaks between tours. We toured with our self-titled debut for 3 years and had a lot of time to think about what we wanted to do next. In the end we didn’t really take any massive steps in terms of changing our approach musically or lyrically. We just wrote about what was happening in our lives and how we saw it. We did decide that we wanted to record it ourselves and we did. That was amazing. To be able to think it and make it all in our own little house.

MH: What parts of being artists do you like the most and why?

Ruth: Our art has taken us to so many places emotionally and physically. I really like the travel aspect of all of this and how it seems to move us along from here to there putting our little stamp on the world around us wherever we are then.
Brookln: Being an artist is a real pain in the a** actually. I struggle to make sense of all of this most of the time and sometimes I wish I was a barista. While at the same time that’s often true, I am also in love with this lifestyle and fortunate to be able to journey through life in this way.

MH: How do you see your future as a band? What goals do you aim to achieve?

Brookln: With rose tinted glasses.
Ruth: We’re super excited about the stuff we’re writing at the moment. Our goal is to carry on touring and recording.

MH: Where can we see you performing the most? What are your favourite venues to play live and why?

Brookln: We tour on the European continent the most. We’ve been lucky enough for things to really take light for us over there, well, here actually because as I type this we’re backstage of Fri-Son in Fribourg, Switzerland.
Ruth: Yeah, we probably tour in Germany the most but all over Europe really. We plan to put more energy into UK touring in the next months though too.
Brookln: So many great little gems of venues out there. We love Vera in Groningen, the Netherlands. Also, we just played at the Prinzenbar in Hamburg, Germany. That was amazing!

We would like to thank Rue Royale for giving such a thorough and insightful interview, and we wish this lovely duo to achieve all of their artistic and personal goals.

For more information about Rue Royale, forward your steps to their Official Website, Facebook, Bandcamp or Twitter.

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