We Finally Are Mobile Friendly

We are happy to announce that your soon to be the best music DIY+ website in Scotland is now mobile friendly. We have been working hard to ensure compatibility with as many different platforms as possible, however as it usually is with this kind of things we cannot test on every platform.
At the moment we tested it on firefox mobile and both versions of opera (mobile & mini) as well as android and nokia (N8) browsers. We also have confirmed  via a third party that mobile safari renders our website properly as well. Youtube content is playable on all Flash capable devices and through youtube app on iPhone. Also, Opera Mini has no access to the full site as it is absolutely incapable to display it in any sort of meaningful manner.

We also have fixed an issue with the mobile read counts (they were not updated if review/article has been read on mobile). This allowed us to develop a streamlined review section for mobile and desktop and add 'intelligent' sharing to the platform. Now if (while on a mobile) you come across a link to a desktop version of an article on twitter, stumbleupon or any other network we will ask if you would rather see the version optimised for your device - and vice versa.

We hope you will like it just as we do,

Music Hive Team

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