All I Need by Ethan Ash

Three minutes of sheer appreciation of true friendship, unconditional love and gratitude - these are the things that come to our mind when we think about "All I Need" - the recent single of Ethan Ash.

The track is a simple, yet beautiful blend of an acoustic guitar and Ethan's soulful voice, proving the point that "less is more". Without overly ornamentation, stripped down to basics, but combined with a very important message, the song naturally flows straight into the hearts of the listeners. The melodic voice of the artist, occasionally spiced up with edgy guitar hooks and accompanied with harmonious female backing vocal in the chorus, stands out beautifully in this composition. Simply put, this single will make your ears happy.

"All I Need" just makes you feel good. It is one of those songs that you enjoy on many different levels - and once you listened to it several times, you notice how it makes you slow down, ponder about your life, and observe the little things that often tend to go unnoticed...

The footage of a wedding is a perfect choice of a video to accompany Ethan's music - presenting a momentous day of two people in love, adds another level of meaning to the song. It sends a message of gratitude for a true friendship without boundaries, and underlines the importance of appreciation of simple conversations and "being there" for another person.

We asked Ethan a few questions about the song and he kindly agreed to answer them.

Music Hive: What did inspire you to write 'All I Need'? What is the genesis of the song?

Ethan Ash: It was kind of a natural progression really. There is a girlfriend of mine I talk to a lot and the lyrics are about things we do, like talk until the early hours, but also I suppose it’s about things that I look for and other people do when they ‘like’ someone. It is quite personal to me but at the same time other people have told me they can also relate to it, which is kind of the point I wanted.

MH: How did your song writing process look like?

EA: A pen, paper, a capo and a guitar! Like I said it was natural. I started with the intro of the song and found it quite catchy and then started to sing random words and then it just progressed. I remember thinking it didn’t actually sound that bad and that I should try and finish it and make it a song. I’m glad I did. I still have the original lyrics on paper, which is pretty good for me because I’m not that organised.

MH: Who is the song directed to? What do you think the message of the song is?

EA: It is directed to anyone who can relate to it. The person it is mainly about I didn’t tell for quite a while. I try to do that with all my songs, have people relate to them. Whether it makes people happy, sad or whatever at least it is stirring some kind of emotion. When I played at Bestival this year a couple kind of slowed danced to it and had a nice little kiss at the end of the song, which I liked because they looked really happy together and I suppose the song is about being happy with someone. Although I will never accept I may have written a love song, I don’t want to be soppy.

MH: What does the song mean to you?

EA: For me it is a documentation of my chats with my friend. I think songs are sometimes like musical diaries in that artists write about things that are personal to them. It might mean something completely different to someone else but that’s fine as long as they can relate to it in their own way.

MH: Why did you choose footage of the wedding for your video?

EA: Ha ha good question. Myself and the people who help me with my music related things were talking about maybe having a video for the single, but things like that can cost silly money. Two friends of mine had just got married and they asked to use my song on the trailer to their wedding video, which was a massive honour for me... and it seemed to work. So we decided to use their wedding video trailer but tweak it in places to make it work more for the song. I’m actually in it very briefly, dressed in a suit!! That is a rare sight. To be honest it was probably the most music orientated wedding ever: there was a lot of live music.

MH: Do you have any other comments you would like to share with?

EA: Some of my friends have joked, comparing me to Adam Sandler in the film The Wedding Singer. I’m not a wedding singer but if I can be as funny as Adam Sandler I’ll be fine with that.

Watch out guys! Ethan Ash is the next big thing!

For more information about Ethan, please go to his MySpace page, follow him on Twitter, become friends on Facebook and listen to his music on SoundCloud and YouTube

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