Annie Stevenson - Quick Review

A delicate, yet vibrant voice combined with rich, complex sound of alt/rock guitars must most definitely result in a highly interesting music, which is composed by a Glaswegian band Annie Stevenson. The members of the group - Nick Scroggie (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Tom Boyd (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Steven Shevlin (Bass) and Herald Francis (Drums)- started playing together at the end of 2007, and since then have been gigging around central belt of Scotland. Both their quirky name and very inventive music have enabled them to gain more recognition on the Scottish music scene; they have been deemed to mix contrasting genres and described as "Grunge meets Punk meet Power Pop".

Annie Stevenson are renowned for their musicianship, attention to detail, but also flair to make every performance a unique experience for their audience. Their "No Show" showcases the band's ability to play with music, making the song very enjoyable, light and entertaining. The rhythmic guitar strumming, simple but confident drum pattern, straightforward vocal melody and pulsating bass line make the song very easy to memorize and sing along. Also added vocal harmonies, for example in the bridge part of the song where they mimic the guitar solo, enhance the overall experience for the listener and make the music even more interesting.

Apart from the more upbeat songs like "Get Off The Street" which boasts more edgy guitar riffs, aggressive drum patterns and powerful vocals, the band present their softer, peculiar alter-ego with a song "Country Killer", showcasing dreamy vocal melody bringing to mind a child's lullaby or nursing rhyme, but clashing with contrasting message of the lyrics.

The band recently launched a debut album, which is available for purchase at any of their gigs. The soonest one is Wednesday 1st June at Pivo Pivo supporting "The coffins", and the other opportunity to see them is Thursday 23 June at the 13th Note Cafe in Glasgow, performing with Dear Stars & Barella Lights.
You may also want to buy one of their singles "Freedom Town" from iTunes To learn more about the band, please go to their Facebook, MySpace or Reverbnation page, and follow them on Twitter. To see more videos of Annie Stevenson check out their YouTube page and to listen to a higher quality tracks, go to their SoundCloud.

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