Atomic Skunk Alchemy Album Review

Atomic Skunk Alchemy cover

Atomic Skunk "Alchemy" album cover

The newest Atomic Skunk's album "Alchemy" opens with a very atmospheric, interesting track, that leads the audience in with organic sounds of nature - the shimmering rain tapping against leaves in a vast and dense forest, the birds chirping away in the distance, and some animals communicating with each other.

As the track unveils, listeners are subtly introduced to fascinating, ambient sounds, that on one hand might stand as an oxymoron to the sounds of nature, but may also be recognised as an imaginative portrayal of life on a molecular level... The symbolic intertwining of the synthetic sounds with natural ones, is a fantastic representation of the biological cycles, structure and pulse of life, and also a depiction of complicated laws of the Universe. In "Rhino", the change of focus between e.g. calling of an animal to rhythmic and ornamental synthesiser patterns, acts like an imaginary microscope, that allows you to float between macro and micro cosmos, investigating the world in an extremely small detail.

The second track on album, "Equinox", follows a similar pattern to "Rhino", where sounds of Earth elements constitute a prelude to a very passionate and touching song. The chords of synth guitar, which are a specific trademark of Atomic Skunk, are accompanied by floaty strings, and expressive synth violin solo. The author gave this number a very interesting title - "Equinox", which means a time in the year where the night and day are approximately equal in lenght, as the center of the Sun is situated in the same plane as the Earth's equator. This, on a symbolic level, is yet another reference to the laws of the Universe and the natural consequences that dictate our existence.

"Serpent and Rose" is an another fascinating track on album, sweeping the audience away for an extra-terrestial journey, with a dose of hauntingly beautiful and mesmerizing vocals that contrast, yet perfectly combine with the arrangement. The constant mimicry of patterns between the voice and the synth instruments, constitute a very blue, sad lullaby or song that talks about loss, remembrance of something that was once possessed. The title "Serpent and Rose" has many symbolic layers, opening many ways for audience to interpret the song. For some it might evoke an ancient myth or legend, where a love story comes to an abrupt stop, and one of the lovers turns into a star, never to reach the other again and to mourn over the loss...

"Sunwheel" is a more optimistic track, whereas "Ghosts and Angels" has a very ethereal, even mystical vibe to it, being, together with "Lotusmud", a specific pre-amble to the longest track on album - "Temple of Stars". The latter is a pure joy for connoisseurs of Atomic Skunk's works, as it is a sheer journey through sounds and ambiances. It is very dark and it clearly contrasts with all other songs on "Alchemy". As yin cannot exist without yang, so the album would not be complete without the "Temple of Stars", as it crowns the whole experience of Atomic Skunk's newest product.

Throughout the album, we can observe the traditional music meeting with non-western influences, like African drumming or even Polynesian chants. This makes "Alchemy" a very interesting and ground-breaking position, and a fantastic addition to our music collection. We believe the quote by Eckhart Toile put inside the album cover sums both the track and the record entirely - but you need to buy "Alchemy" to understand what we mean... It is absolutely worth it!

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