Bardzo Bardzo Album Review

Scottish springtime is disappointing - it's cold, windy and wet. On top of that it's the end of the weekend and you are dreading to go back to the office. You are in dire need of some chill out time!

Why don't you, then, pour a glass of wine, put your feet back and listen to some fresh and inspiring music that will energise you for the up-coming week? We recently discovered a unique and interesting band which we are itching to tell you about.

If you were clubbing out all night and still want to retain some of the fun atmosphere, then the group called Bardzo Bardzo (translating to "very very" in English) will certainly help you to achieve this goal.

The band hailing all the way from Warsaw, Poland are Asia Czarkowska (lead vocal), Glenn Guay (guitar), Andrzej Solarski (bass) and Steve Grubbs (drums). The Polish-American band who got together in 2011, have recently recorded their debut E.P. "Bardzo Bardzo", serving a concoction of club music with edgy, progressive rock, jazz, funk and soul.

Their 7 track record is certainly a breath of fresh air on the European indie music scene, as every single song is meticulously produced with an extreme attention to detail.

First three tracks are very dynamic and almost predacious, with the rhythmic drums section, pumping bass and edgy electric guitars. The album slows down the pace a little towards the end, with "Palestinian Girl" being a fantastic example of an engaging and intelligently written, modern ballad.

This song, next to "Deep Down" and "Take Off Your Mask" is probably our favourite one, as it beautifully exemplifies the fantastic voice of Asia and her great vocal technique. Also, similarly to other tracks, "Palestinian Girl" shows off great skills of every single instrumentalist in the band, and the sheer brilliance of the composition, as its multiple, intricate layers create a wonderful song you can listen and dance to.

So, if you feel you need a little bit of pampering, put Bardzo Bardzo on and drift away with the sound of their music!

You can find the group on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their Official Website. Check out their Soundcloud profile too, for other great sounds.

Make sure you spread the word about them - let others hear their fantastic music too!

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