Bush Hall Thursday 25th August 2011

If you enjoy listening to country/folk/Americana music, you mustn’t miss out on a unique opportunity to see some of the most prolific bands of these genres: Water Tower Bucket Boys hailing from the USA and UK's finest bluegrass group The Coal Porters, supported by extremely talented Polly and the Billets Doux.

Bush Hall Flyer

The event takes place Thursday 25 August at the Bush Hall in London and starts off with a performance by highly praised, upcoming UK act Polly and The Billets Doux, described by The Sunday Times as a “a harmony blend of country, jazz, blues, folk, soul and gospel”. Indeed, listening to songs of this band, listeners may recognize this specific, yet harmonious blend of genres, which unsurprisingly, works extremely well. The lead singer's voice is very light, airy, melodic and sweet; it might be likened to the voice of the vocalist of Morcheeba, Skye, as it also possesses that relaxed, laid back vibe and a similar richness and tone, making it airy and delicate. The listeners should anticipate a concert filled with sounds of pristine vocal harmonies, unique combination of skilfully played instruments and the element of surprise, as the musicians showcase their compositions (to have a sneak peek of their abilities, go to their Soundcloud).

The second group performing at the event are The Coal Porters, who began their career as an electric and converted into an acoustic bluegrass band in the '90s. Centred around Sid Griffith, Kentucky-born songwriter and mandolinist and co-founder of the alt-country band Long Ryders, they are well-known to the European and American audiences. Representing the true spirit of bluegrass genre, their compositions are jam-packed with strong vocals and exquisite, high energy instrumental arrangements (to learn more about them, visit their webiste).

The true stars of the show are the critically acclaimed Water Tower Bucket Boys coming to London from Portland, Oregon. Busking on street corners at first, they quickly shot to fame and performed at numerous festivals, gathering a vast, worldwide fan base. Each band member is a talented vocalist and instrumentalist, being able to play several instruments including the fiddle, banjo, guitar and harmonica (more about the talented group on theirOfficial Website).

For further information about the event, please visit Bush Hall Music and for tickets go to HMV Tickets.

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