Cocos Lovers Baron of The Trees

The beautiful weather invites us to step outside our homes and enjoy the glimmer of the late spring sun - so is the newest single from Cocos Lovers "Baron of The Trees" that explodes with its intricate melody and sweeps away listeners with gentle harmonies.

The song is a perfect soundtrack for a lazy afternoon - it opens smoothly with longing vocals and slowly unravels into an up-beat number injecting that extra energy in you after a hard day's work.

We love the delicious sound of "live" instruments, such as flute, guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion that create a very special atmosphere. Beautiful, ethereal vocal harmonies blend in superbly with the complex, rich arrangement.
The choice of setting for the single's music video was, in our opinion, absolutely spot on - e.g. the shores and the meadows reflected the band's naturalistic and organic approach to music.

This single is a must have for fans of folk and roots music, and it will be available as 7inch split single vinyl (more details at Cocos Lovers Facebook page). Make sure you get your copy! Cocos Lovers embark on a summer tour with Melodica Melody and Me, check out show dates at their Offical Website.

Now, spread the word about Cocos Lovers and sit back, relax and listen to "Baron of The Trees". Enjoy!

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