Debbie Kate - Quick Review

Another day, another interesting find from the web – pure, mellow voice accompanied by delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar – that is just what one’s heart needs to relax and soak in the scarce summery sunshine. Debbie Kate (real name Debbie Morton) is an Irish pop/folk singer-songwriter who came over to Scotland a few years back to study at University of Stirling and now is well-known on the Glasgow music scene.

In October last year she released a five track EP "I Sea" which was recorded at La Chunky Studio in Glasgow. The album includes such songs as: “Coconut Dreams” where the singer’s voice blends nicely with the acoustic guitar; and also “Let's Fall In Love Again” a very light hearted number with a 50's feel to it, thanks to a specific drums pattern, clapping parts and use of double bass.

Her simple, yet captivating music will definitely appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners, as Debbie Kate combines intelligent, meaningful lyrics with uncomplicated, not overproduced music with straightforward arrangement. This is best showcased in her “A Story about a Boy and a Girl”, which is an example of a highly romantic song, enhanced with singer’s delicate, unspoilt, innocent voice. The use of piano, guitar with simple vocal melody and harmonies, beautifully uncover a story about an old love still lingering in a heart of a girl, who wandered off on a search for something precious to hold on to, only to realise what she had left behind.

Most of the songs by Debbie Kate have a rather lo-fi feel to them, but we imagine this fact makes them more believable, and the audience can connect to them more. They represent the sort of music one would gladly put on and play in the background – having a very enjoyable soundtrack for the day.

We highly recommend Debbie Kate and suggest you check out her Band Camp page, MySpace, become a Facebook friend and listen to more of her songs on Last.Fm.

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