Ethereal Fire - Debut Album Review

Ethereal Fire is an Essex group combining a wide range of genres: from rock, post rock and indie to metal and drum and bass. The band consists of Lee Pasifull on lead vocals/rhythm/synth, A J Tobin on Lead guitar/vocals, Alex Graver on Drums/Effects and Jonno Bones on Bass. Since forming in early 2010 they have been gigging tirelessly across Essex, London and the South East, and recently released their self-titled album which is available on iTunes, Amazon and other major digital distributors.

Ethereal Fire Band

When we think about alternative, grunge, rock groups, we imagine there is nothing more that could surprise us, as this thought is reinforced by countless UK acts on the music scene today, writing and performing uncomplicated songs aimed at the mass market. Yet, once in a while, it seems talent and passion for music meet and give birth to an outstanding band such as Ethereal Fire.

Their debut album features a compilation of nine brilliantly composed and produced songs, one of which serves as a sample of the band's live acoustic performances. It is a well spiced, colourful and varied musical dish for the connoisseur listener - and certainly one which steers away from convenience and monotony, pleasantly surprising the audience with unexpected twists and turns.

Taking The Explorer, for example, the song starts off mildly, with an upbeat tempo which. The guitar riffs soften the rather ragged, steely feel of drums and also bring in a feel of anticipation for the rest of the song. After a few bars a sudden turn in action is brought by an electric guitar, which points out the real level of the song - very up-tempo, high paced and incredibly energetic, with rapid guitar riffs and pulsating bass line and soft, melodic vocals and sharp harmonies. What makes music stand out from other bands' compositions is the clash of or, need we say a beautiful marriage of a "predacious" sound of instruments with a clear but soft voice which makes this song exceptionally unique.

Another track, Superficial, also does not disappoint the listeners, serving them with a mysterious beginning, where a brilliant use of guitar giving a sort of helicopter sound effect, is acting as a build up to yet another up-beat song. The track characterising with a much darker ambiance is enriched with a skilfully played electric guitar and very interesting vocal melody line, which sets the highly energetic tempo. The unique use of guitar slides and riffs break the song into clear parts, and thanks to that the listener is able to identify verses, chorus and the bridge which leads to the end of the song that cuts off abruptly, accentuated by the drums, and electric and bass guitars.

Tomorrows Legacy on the other hand proves to indicate more influences of rock music heritage. It has a great potential for a very good hit with catchy melodic/vocal lines and harmonies. It is worthy to pay extra attention to the lyrics carrying an important message: ‘words will have no meaning if your legacy goes astray’.

‘Ethereal Fire’ overall is an interesting mix of original songs that not only could be enjoyed in the quiet of your own home (e.g. simple, yet meaningful Stars Evolve with its acoustic guitar), at a live music venue or festival (e.g. Heartless Prognosis) but also would fit right in as a music soundtrack for an action movie (e.g. Impulsion with its catchy vocal melody and music arrangement). The album is unquestionably worth to have in your music collection - watch out for these guys, they have a potential to climb high onto the charts really soon!

To learn more about the act, go to their MySpace page, or find them on Facebook, Reverbnation, YouTube or Twitter. Don’t forget to buy their album from iTunes, LastFm or Amazon.

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