Ethereal Fire Chaos and Confusion EP Review

Two years ago, we first introduced to you the fantastic and promising band, Ethereal Fire, who were at that time releasing a self-named début album.

The group is now back with another record - the six track Chaos and Confusion EP coming out 31 August 2013 - and we have the pleasure of telling you a little bit about it.

It was very interesting to see how Ethereal Fire have grown as a band over time and learn whether any new influences have put a stamp on their music...

New wave of energy

The brand new EP from Ethereal Fire is sparking with a wave of a fresh, new energy - with the imposing, fiery electric guitars being focal points of each composition.

A very fitting element of some of the songs are samples of various dialogues mixed with real-life sounds, making the tracks more convincing and allowing listeners to fully relate to them.

The very first song - Consumerism - is building up the dynamics of the entire album with a "collage" of different sounds: electric guitar slides, background conversation, police/ambulance sirens and white noise. They particularly serve as a prelude to a very edgy, energetic and quite punchy little number.

The track is a delicious concoction of pumping, aggressive drums, bass and electric guitars, and confident, expressive vocals. On a symbolic level, together with a strong message embedded in lyrics, they are a direct reference to today's world transforming right before our eyes - "(...) you've only got to look outside, outside your window". The song, as the rest of the album, treats about the negative aspects of the modern life, complex relationships within societies, political dictatorship and human influence onto the environment ("see the darkness (...)").

Great diversity and skill

A good aspect of this album is its variety - the multitude of rock, post-punk, psychedelic rock and alternative flavours – kept together by a common theme expressed in all six songs: high energy, fast tempo, fantastic instrumental and vocal skills, and lyrical symbols.

Taking Shadows, for example: we all know that where there is a shadow, there also must be light – the song feels like a 90's rock (light) mixed with a pinch of very dark, post-punk-like influences (shadow). This, along with Nibiru and Missile, proves to be a very interesting instance of various music styles and flavours combined in one song.

We must not forget about the genius track – Insert Future - its expressive outro features layers of vocal melodies and masterfully crafted guitar riffs, which are expertly weaved into the composition, giving this song a highly explosive energy.

Getting better each time

It is evident Ethereal Fire have evolved as a group, serving more mature and interesting songs – but they have certainly grown as individual artists whose skills got much, much better. For instance, listeners may observe the vocalist has found an inner edge and confidence, which translate into very solid performances and enriched depth and tone of his voice. Also, the guitar section is massively improved, as each note is polished to perfection.

Another point to note is the theme and lyrical consistence of the entire album, as each title is a metaphor of a particular existential problem expressed by both textual and music levels.

Chaos and Confusion is a record for those of you who enjoy grunge, alt and rock but also complexity, and intellectual stimulation. This is not a material for a background music, rather it is a soundtrack to one's life – and by each one of us, certainly interpreted quite differently and gaining different meanings...

So, ahead of the official release go to Ethereal Fire's MySpace page, or find them on Facebook, Reverbnation, YouTube or Twitter. Follow the group for latest tour and album updates! We will announce where you can get your copy of Chaos and Confusion EP soon.

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