Ghosts We Must Carry by State Broadcasters

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Photo of State Broadcaster's "Ghosts We Must Carry" ( Olive Grove records)

We recently introduced you The State Broadcasters' exquisite compositions, and we are excited to say you are in for a treat as this fantastic Scottish band released a brand new album! "Ghosts We Must Carry" released 17 September () is a record featuring the finest folk/americana/acoustic music.

"Ghosts We Must Carry" - talks about the prose of life, day to day problems and the "baggage" ("ghosts") of previous experiences and relationships each of us has. Use of the word "ghosts" to communicate burdens of one's existence constitutes somewhat a negative connotation suggesting those worries/experiences may be hauntingly frightening, it is difficult, or even impossible to remove them and we have no other choice but to carry them. This rather drastic stylistic maneuver was applied to highlight the ambiance and the tone of the entire album - the album that plays out numerous life stories with the acoustic guitar, accordion, cello, piano, harp and an array of pristine, harmonious vocals.

Once again this Glaswegian band does not disappoint their fans and offer a beautifully crafted, artistic concoction of ten tracks. Listeners are gently eased into the album with "The Only Way Home" - a very ethereal, soul piercing number that slowly unravels from a minimalistic, acoustic composition to beautifully instrumented, moving waltz. This song, and the following ones, exemplify the State Broadcaster's high ability to use dynamics, shades and textures to express a vast range of emotions. "Trespassers", "Kittiwake" and "The Only One" are yet another instances of tracks proving the velvety vocals and delicate instrumental melody of the piano, guitar, harp, the string and brass sections go very well together.

If you liked the State Broadcaster's "Table" EP, you will also enjoy an alternative version of "This Old Table" that can be found on "Ghosts We Must Carry". The song features a brand new, but still pretty stripped-down arrangment, and is opened with a subtle accordion melodic line, to be later accompanied by a harmonious layer of vocals. Having listened to the previous take on this track, we suddenly come to a realisation this deep and moving composition has become even more sorrowful, as the choir of voices repeating the lyrics like mantra become a metaphor of a family life that has come to an end. This twist makes the song's message even more powerful than before.

The Scottish band's newest album is a perfect soundtrack not only for the autumn or winter - the transcendental quality of the record makes it perfect for any time of the year. Buy your copy now and try it for yourself! You will soon find out this is true, as you will not want to put it away, and will find yourself enjoying the State Broadcaster's music all year round, day in and day out...

Make sure you visit State Broadcasters' Official Website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook page.

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