Jay Leighton Hours Album Review

Jay Leighton is releasing a new album 13 May 2013, consisting of 10 fresh, greatly produced tracks. We had a chance to listen through it and we can hardly wait to share our thoughts about this fantastic record.

Jay Leighton Hours Album Cover

Jay is letting us in to view the world through his own eyes, and captures us with meticulously written & produced tracks...

"Hours" is a very mature - musically and lyrically - album, touching on subjects very close to hearts of every listener. The album talks about different flavours and shades of human existence & relationships, emotions & feelings, ambitions, dreams & goals, and one's attitude towards them all. The title of the record could probably be derived from the last song "Painting Flowers" ("all these hours painting flowers"), but could also constitute a metaphor to moments or phases of life...

The very first track "I Wish I Was Springsteen" is a very melodic little number. It's composed of many instrumental layers: an extensive string section, delicate piano echoing in the background, edgy electric guitar, and rhythmic and melancholic acoustic guitar. The dynamics of the song - simply breathtaking! We are slowly eased into a full blown, epic song with a very subtle opening. "I Wish I Was Springsteen", just like other songs on the album, is loaded with symbols and metaphors. A salute to music & movie stars (Bruce Springsteen and James Dean) on a literal level, the track is also a story about a person trying to enter a new path in their life. It's about dreams, but also hesitation and perhaps sometimes sticking to something more familiar ("My eyes are on horizon, but I think I'll stay"); it's also about longing for a new adventure and unknown feature ("Let's start again, cause who knows when we'll be").

"Too Late To Turn Back On Me" deceptively starts off like a moderate ballad, but it quickly transforms into an energetic, heart-warming song. It talks about working towards making a relationship stronger, and getting to know someone right through. "Don't Look Back" on the other hand, treats about a sense of comfort and security, and having someone on whom you can rely on. This song could be a great material for a single - it's up beat and there is a brilliant balance between the piano, guitars and strings in the arrangement.

Next song on the album, "Find The One You Love", projects a kind of urgency, longing and sadness with each note - and might express loss of someone important, but also hope of reunion ("I just lost the love, one day I'll come home"). In a similar way, "Cause & Consequence" explores darker and more difficult areas of life. With a serene piano accompaniment and layers of vocal harmonies, this track is a beautiful ballad.

"The Devil And I" provides listeners a total change of pace with it's rock'n'roll drums and electric guitar, and paves a way for another great number - "Pictures & Memories" - featuring an interesting combo of drums & bass guitar which create a rhythmic, natural "pulse" for the song. The latter track shows an interesting take on being in comfort zone and attempting to avoid failure. "Sentimental Things" also touches on this subject, and ponders about being driven past memories, places or people; not moving on and not being able to identify this a problem.

Trying to achieve bigger, bolder dreams and never regretting "what never was" achieved is discussed in "Sea Scenes & Skylines". This is probably one of our favourite songs from this album - listening to it we were able to understand how much Jay has grown as an artist.

"Painting Flowers" which closes the entire album is a very moving song. It asks listeners to reflect upon their lives and to re-evaluate their actions - and questions their sense. This track along with the rest from "Hours" is transcendental in a sense that probably any listener at any given time & place can relate to messages embedded within it. Never mind whether today, in ten or one hundred years - human life will be still reflected in Jay's compositions.

The artist trully touched our hearts with intelligent, deep lyrics and extrodinarly beautiful arrangements. We can hardly wait until this amazing album is available to you - as a record like this will be a true gem in your collection.

For more information about Jay Leighton, go to his Official Website, visit his MySpace and like him on Facebook. Also, to keep up with the latest news follow him on Twitter. You can find his music on Soundcloud and YouTube. Enjoy!

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