Jess Morgan's Aye Me Album Review

Finally, Jess Morgan is set to release her second album "Aye Me" 26th March 2012, after a long struggle with lost recordings and laborious efforts to create them again. Now after listening to the newest creation of this singer-songwriter, we can not wait to tell you our thoughts abut it.

The thirteen track album stays in a nice, low-fi acoustic convention, so as to bring the artist closer to the audience. You truly have a feel of having Jess in your living room, playing exclusively just for you, which makes the album that little bit extra special.

Jess Morgan Aye Me Album

The album begins mysteriously like a new chapter of a book, with delicate and relaxing open chords of acoustic guitar, to slowly tune you up to the wavelengths of the record, to beam the messages of the author to the attentive ears of her listener...

The solely instrumental track presents the beauty of guitar that captures your heart and dictates a slow paced, soothing rhythm... The track "Heads of the Valleys Road" is so simple, yet rich with melody that urges the audience to use their imagination and paint a picture of what they hear - be it a peaceful, green valley, wind sweeping across a sleepy, autumn park... The possibilities are endless.

"Workhouse", which will be released as single 12th March, is more up-beat, yet still staying in a convention of reflection and pondering about life struggles. With re-occuring "aye, me" line, that emphasises the beautifully crafted, poetic lyrics of this song and indicating the title of Jess's album, the track sets the tone for the whole record. It constitutes a sort of a memoir of a hard working, impoverished woman, thinking back lovingly about her son.

As an artistic piece, the song's message could be interpreted in various ways, either taking the text literally, or on other hand treating it as a metaphor: for instance the mother (woman) figure as an artist, and the boy as her work, that might have been not appreciated at the time of creation. Either way, Morgan's song is complex on many levels, and only the listener really can de-cipher its meaning on his/her own, as it will surely mean something different to each and every member of the audience.

"Since I've Known You" is more light-hearted, breezy number, talking about a relationship that gives an another perspective to one's life, changing it diametrically. Other song that somewhat breaks the ponderous convention of the record is also "Leave a Light On", talking about leaving worries at the door, underlying the need of having a glimmer of hope in one's life.

"The Thompsons Family Singers And I" goes back to the reflexive tone of the album, and also to the topic of hardship and struggle: "(...)one more mouth to feed", hard work: "(...) no rest for the wicked ones", and also brings the notion of folk tales and myths: "the (...) woman turned away and muttered on the wind, talking to a spirit king - oh, curse on you and all of your children".

"The Result" is a nice surprise for Morgan's fans, as it features a male vocalist, who fits in the song perfectly, as he blends in with Jess's voice like honey blends in with milk. This combination enabled the song to have a conversation-like structure, which is a refreshing change for the listener, and makes the album even more interesting.

Every track's arrangement is kept to minimum, having the guitar and Jess Morgan's vocals very prominent. The folk/americana vibes are also enriched with subtle vocal harmonies, warm piano tones, and some grass-roots instruments. Overall, "Aye Me" is a very good album that deserves a prominent space in your collection, as you will be going back to this record frequently.

Jess will shortly begin her album tour - you can find dates and times below:

"Aye Me" Album Tour:

26.03 – The Bicycle Shop, Norwich
27.03 – Hot Numbers, Cambridge
30.03 – Holy Moley’s, Bedford
31.03 – Guitar Bar, Nottingham
01.04 – The Shakespeare, Sheffield
02.04 – The Basement, York
03.04 – Venue TBC, Liverpool
05.04 – Lock Tavern, London
02.05 – The Musician, Leicester
18.05 – Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter
19.05 – Discovery Centre, Winchester

Supporting Paper Aeroplanes:

24.05 – The Bicycle Shop, Norwich
30.05 – The Stables, Milton Keynes
31.05 – Chapel Arts Centre, Bath
01.06 – Eden Project Café, St. Austell
02.06 – Calstock Arts, Calstock
03.06 – Miss Peapods, Falmouth

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