Julia Marcell's June Album Review

Julia Marcell's newest album 'June' released 30th September has eleven tracks that feature interesting arrangements, scrupulous instrumentation, moving, meaningful lyrics, expressive vocals, and also bi-lingual backing vocals. These essential elements come together as incredibly well tailored, superb musical pieces. Every song is different and has its own kind of story, but they are all narrated by a beautiful and captivating voice of this young and talented artist.

June Julia Marcell

'June' album cover from Julia Marcell Facebook Page

The strong focus on percussion and vocal effects in this album is very apparent. Marcell plays with different rhythmical patterns, uses syncope (i.e. in 'Since'), and unveils her true musicianship in the instrumental track 'Shores', which gently fades in with strings and evolves into a perfect, harmonious and melancholic melody, being a prelude to the genius song 'Echo' that relies heavily on the string section and piano and evokes Polish folk tradition through the backing vocals (performed in Polish).

Julia has a very interesting take on a vocal canon, e.g. in 'Crows', where her backing vocals are inter-woven with the main vocal and synth melodies, which enables the song to transition further with a marching-band like drums and dark piano chords. But not only does this artist experiment with music effects and various instruments, she also tests the boundaries of music genres. She starts off her 'Shhh' soulfully, for example, but once the music kicks in, the song a very Eurythmix feel to it, only with a modern twist, whereas 'Aye Aye' boasts with eerie, haunting vocals, syncopated drums and strong brass section, exemplifying various new levels throughout the length of the track.

We strongly recommend Julia's newest album 'June'. Go ahead and buy it! And since Christmas is just around the corner, think about the music-lovers in your life who could appreciate this fantastic album!

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