Portal by Atomic Skunk


Who? Atomic Skunk (creative alias of Rich Brodsky from SA California)

What? Portal (an 8-track [+1 bonus] album released on 20-03-2010)

As soon as the finger is taken of the play button listener is immersed into the world of fantasy and with each next piece of music this experience become more and more vivid until the listener is presented with the brilliant story in "The Waltz of the Frog Prince", which by this time does not surprise at all - it feels as if previously heard tunes made the brain anticipate this particular voice telling this particular story. Impressive!
The rest of the album follows similar soothing vibe up until the bonus track, which we will leave out of this review as it lies somewhat beyond the scope of the album (it has been included only in the limited edition CD).

Overall verdict: Ambient music at it's best.
If you are into this kind of music or if you look for something fresh and relaxing it is definitely worth buying.

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