Red by Lost In The Trees

After a rather long break in delivering you articles about interesting bands, we felt a little out of breath, or in other words: lost in the woods... Then when we stumbled upon the Northern Carolina band Lost In The Trees, and taking it as a sign, we decided to explore their compositions.

The American group playing a rather unusual orchestral folk/pop, comprises of six members, with Ari Picker (lead vocals, main composer), Emma Nadeau (backing vocals, french horn), Drew Anagnost (cello), Jenavieve Varga (violin), Yan Westerlund (drums) and Mark Daumen (tuba). They are just about to launch their second album (20th March) entitled "A Church That Fits Our Needs" and recently released a single that will certainly blow you away...

"Red", one of the newest creations of Lost In The Trees, is full of unexpected twists and turns, and creating a specific magical atmosphere, is seeping with instrumental music goodness...

The single is very dramatic, and its intricacy is achieved through interesting blend of fantastic, emotional vocal melody and ethereal, hauntingly beautiful backing vocals and harmonies setting the ambiance of this exceptional track.

Also it has been accomplished by use of string section, giving the song a more epic sound, almost like one in the retro cinematography (look out for certain string parts reminding of the motif used in the theme music written by Bernard Hermann for Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"). Browsing through the band's Facebook page, we learned one of their influences in creating new compositions is film music, which explains the application of spectacular, big sound of violins, harp or even the grand piano in the outro of the single.

Evoking an enormous spectrum of emotions, the song prompts a listener to ponder about finer things in life, things that matter the most, bringing a person to almost a cathartic state at the close of the composition...

With a great anticipation, we are waiting for the official release of the second record of this incredible band and recommend you listen to their music yourself - you can find it on Facebook, MySpace or YouTube. Also, to stay up-to-date by following them on Twitter.

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