Roots by Brave Young Red

Spring is finally coming to Scotland, with its beautiful sunshine, delicate flowers forcing their way out of the ground and... a bunch of new and exciting music! There is no better time for Music Hive to start back serving you with band updates, album reviews and news alerts - and we will jump right into just that with "Roots" - an amazing new E.P. by Brave Young Red.

Brave Young Red is a 5 piece folk/alternative band from a cosy Scottish coastal town, Ayr, and have evolved from their previous incarnation, Folé. Their E.P. released at the beginning March is a perfect remedy for those starving for colour and warmth of harmonious vocals, adorned with a dash of soothing and calming guitar riffs. Despite having just played a completely sold out album launch gig, the group are not resting on their laurels, but practicing for upcoming gigs and live performance at the Liverpool Sound City (May 2013) festival.

Before turning Brave Young Red, the band experimented with adding new layers and dimensions to their music, and progressed to add female harmonies, piano and a second guitar to their line-up. Today they feature James Foley (lead vocals, guitar), Erin Todd (backing vocals, piano), Angus Lawson (bass guitar), Michael Stewart (backing vocals, guitar) and Michael Hepburn (drums).

Asked about the name change, the band explained they often run into problems when using "Folé". Some of the members of audience did not understand the link with the front man’s name (Foley), and promoters omitted the acute on the "e", completely altering the pronunciation of their name. The expansion of the group was thus a good excuse to re-brand and start afresh. Looking for a new name was not an easy job, though:

The perfect balance of simple instrumental ensemble - guitar, piano, bass & drums - and carefully crafted vocal melodies, supported by lyrics jam-packed with layers of symbols and metaphors, makes "Roots" a go to album for those in need of a "pick-me-up". Featuring four refreshing tracks: "Silk & Satin", "Footprints", "Brown Boots" and "Little Dove", the album shows off both incredibly soft and lyrical side of Brave Young Red, but also a more up-beat one (especially with two opening tracks), leaving listeners to crave for more and more, and more...

Trying to understand the origins of the unique aura of "Roots", we asked Brave Young Red how they created this fantastic E.P. It turned out, unsurprisingly, the album was written in the summer, hence the warm and positive vibes given off in each track. Most importantly though, the record was truly a fruit of collaboration between highly skilled musicians and producers, who worked in unison to ensure messages encapsulated within each song will travel straight to listeners' hearts.

All four tracks offer a refreshing dose of joy, contentment, and... relief, as the all elements of each composition fit together perfectly, like puzzle pieces, creating harmony, soothing the soul and easing away the chatter of your mind. "Roots" is definitely a must-have if you need time to collect yourself, and gaze into the future with new found hope and drive to go forward. As each song of this little gem creates a different story, everyone will find something for themselves... or even see their reflection in-between the lines of subtle nuances of this amazing album.

To support Brave Young Red, make sure to visit their Official Website, and follow them on Facebook & Twitter. And buy your copy of "Roots" today!.

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