Slow Blue by The Rising Souls

If you haven't heard about The Rising Souls yet, it's about time you did! The Edinburgh-based band featuring Dave Archibald (lead vocals/guitar), Gavin Russell (keyboards), Mark Young (bass) and Andy McDonald (drums) play a delicious (and rather rare on Scottish music scene) blend of soul, funk, blues and rock.

Formed in 2010, they have won over the hearts of Scottish fans with their edgy arrangements and vocals full of personality. Recently, they have won Forth One's Battle of the Bands at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh and managed to schedule in an EP release over a very busy gigging schedule.

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We have always loved genres such as soul, blues and funk, so we were very interested in listening to a local band who took on a task of writing and performing such music.

The Rising Souls are young band, but this fact did not stop them from delivering a professional, well-tailored album. Their "Slow Blue" EP is a fantastic ten-track record, showing off maturity, high skill and passion of all five members. The songs are very well written and produced to a high standard, ensuring a good balance between instruments and vocals, and taking care of variety with vigorous, dynamic tracks and more subtle, delicate numbers.

The hypnotizing, husky vocals of Dave Archibald that sound like a mix of Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Paolo Nutini voices with a dollop of dark, sexy spiciness are just simply hard to resist. Together with exciting instrumental arrangements, the album is bound to be a success.

After listening through all ten songs on "Slow Blue", we must admit there is not one song we did not like. Each track has its individual "vibe" and is characterised by a slightly different ambience, yet they all constitute artistic puzzle pieces that form one, big form that makes sense.

Taking "Bad Trip" for instance - this is such a great, funky song that if made a single, should elevate The Rising Souls to stardom. The pulsating, exquisite bass and rhythm guitar sections, expressive vocals and subtle harmonies, keys and energetic drums all in one song make hard to resist pushing that "re-play" button!

"Sound of the Radio" is also an up-lifting track, setting a mood for a good party. You just won't help tapping your feet and moving rhythmically, right to left and left to right, while the pumping, energetic melody flows through the speakers.

"Slow Blue" - is, next to "Bad Trip, probably one of our favourite tracks from the same-titled album, as it exposes a very creative approach of The Rising Souls to their songs. This smooth, acoustic number is interesting right from the beginning, as it starts very gently and unravels in tune with the vocalist's expressive message. Along with the unique chord progressions, dynamics and use of "live" instruments the song constitutes yet another proof this Scottish band has a great potential and talent.

"Time Goes By" is another ponderous, mesmerizing ballad. It has a very retro, prom-dance like ambience with a modern, rocking twist and beautiful, heart-warming lyrics. "Change You" is, on the other hand, a very edgy and steamy blues number, featuring great vocals, hearty guitar and bass passages, and dynamic keys that create a unique atmosphere.

All in all, "Slow Blue" will be a definite addition to our music collection, as it oozes passion and bluesy perfection.

The Rising Souls are, in an essence, the rising stars of the Scottish music scene. So, inject some energy and colour into your live and give The Rising Souls a helping hand to bump them up in a journey to the top - buy "Slow Blue" and recommend them to your friends.

You can buy the "Slow Blue" from iTunes. To find out more about The Rising Souls, go to their Facebook page or Official Website. Show them your support and follow them on Twitter, and in the meantime listen to their songs on SoundCloud or MySpace.

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