The Barents Sea - Quick Review

While it still feels like winter rather than summer is coming to Scotland, we have been rummaging through gig listings and making plans for nights out in June, and marked 1st June in our diaries with a bright red pen. The coming Wednesday night at The Buff Club is headlined by The Fiction, Meanwhile City and The Barents Sea, the latter whom we would like to bring some more attention to.

The Barents Sea, self described as a "post punk" band, is four very talented young men from Tayside: Grant George (Vocals and Guitar), Tom Mitchell (Guitar, Organ and Piano), Kieran Andrews (Bass and Vocals) and Steve Cairns (Drums). The origins of the band date back to 2008 when Grant and Tom released the first record "Bear Island", and started gigging alongside already established bands on the Scottish music scene, like the Three Blind Wolves and Frightened Rabbit.

Their latest single "O' Brother Of Mine", released in March 2010, is a perfect sample of The Barents Sea's artistry, and reveals their musical sensitivity, lyrical skill and ability to set an ambience with different dynamics, tone and harmony.

The song first starts off with delicate, almost shy guitar finger picking and strumming, easing in into a rather calm, but haunting scenery of sounds. The vocals with very powerful, descriptive lyrics, add in another perspective to the song, making it almost sorrowful and filled with pain. Then as the song continues its dynamic changes, and it acquires a sort of rough, wild edginess, just to finish quietly and softly in the end, just as it begun.

What we like about The Barents Sea is they know exactly how to set a song in a particular context by applying various instrumental techniques and skilfully utilising them - just like a painter, who creates a landscape picture using different shades and colours to capture a scene, the band use the sound to present stories, situations and mirror emotions.

For example in the middle part of "O' Brother Of Mine" the guitar riffs sound like winds battling against a high tide, whereas the first delicate finger picking and strumming might be likened to rustling of autumn leaves against a hard, icy ground.

We definitely recommend you go and see them performing live this Wednesday at The Buff Club in Glasgow, and before then listen to them at their MySpace page, Facebook and follow them on Twitter. You can buy their "O' Brother Of Mine" single here.

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Important update - The Barents Sea are not going to perform at The Buff Club and will return to play live in September

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