The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Miss The Occupier - EP Review

Whether you are into fast paced punk and indie rock, or exploring new, interesting and meaningful music, we recommend listening to the latest E.P. of a Glasgow group - Miss the Occupier, who have entertained local audiences throughout the UK since 2004.

The title song - The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things - starts with rhythmic tempo of drums and repeating guitar pattern, so is simple yet fascinating vocal melody sung by Roz, who utters rather harsh, stone-cold lyrics. The words, although transmitting sad information, sweetly sink in to listener's heart as the vocalist dychotomically makes the song bitter-sweet with her velvety, husky voice.

The song, be it about deceit, broken heart, betrayal, and regret is definitely not a slow ballad despite the topic implying romanticizing about lost trust and hope - just as it begun, it stays fast paced. Drum kicks, nervous guitar riffs and pulsating bass replicating a skipping heartbeat, clash with surprisingly cool and delicate vocals, just to break into a full blown outcry in unison with haunting cello, signifying sudden realization of hopeless situation, the end of the road.

Punchdrunk and Shamefaced is more of a mesmerizing, thoughtful, contemplative song, much slower than the rest of the ones on the album, yet still having that spicy spark, making your blood stream being injected with a sudden dose of adrenaline, whilst You Know It's Vulgar and Glue Me To Thee are both very energetic, fast paced, 90's punk influenced songs.

Beyond focusing on obvious elements in these numbers, it's worth to observe the underlying symbolism hidden in lyrics, music arrangement and charisma of band members - how bands decorum is transferred into their songs; dychotomy encased in the lead vocalist of being strong, non-conventional and decisive woman, but still fragile and delicate; and also personal experiences masked behind strong texts - but that we will leave to you, listeners, as not to impose our own approach to read symbols and allegories.

A point of interest - we do not know whether the E.P.'s message or just solely its title was influenced by the movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things directed and starring Asia Argento, but on a symbolic and emotional level, listeners and viewers will probably recognize a link.

If you cannot have enough of Miss the Occupier and want to learn more, here is where you can find them:
Yahoo Music, Miss the Occupier Blog, Facebook,, Twitter, MySpace.

And if that is not enough, here is a quick interview with Roz of Miss the Occupier:

Q. What's the origin of your name?
A. It's a miss-tery.

Q. When was the band formed and where is it based?
A. 2004 - Glasgow.

Q. Names of band members, instruments they play.
A. Ione Campsie: Drums
Roz Davies: Bass and Vocals
Magnus Hughson: Guitar

Q. What are your influences/genre of music you play?
A. We like loud music with lots of guitar. We like to dance.

Q. What inspired you to set up a band and make music?
A. A general penchant for showing off, and a complete passion for music.

Q. How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
A. Magnus and Roz met becuase of the need for somewhere to stay, and a mutual friend brought Ione. many years ago...

Q. Where have you performed so far? What are your favourite/least favourite venues?
A. Never played outside the UK. Shetland is furthest north, London is furthest South. Everywhere in between... Favourite? The Moorings in Aberdeen, Sleazys, Dublin Castle in London... Least favourite? The Attic in Dundas Street is - ahem - different... anywhere that doesn't sell booze... child friendly venues...

Q. What is the best/worst thing about playing at clubs?
A. There's lots of sexy people totally steaming...

Q. What is your best and worst music performance experience?
A. BEST? supporting the Fall.. WORST? I played with the 'flu, once...

Q. Do you remeber your first gig ever? How did it go?
A. The 13th Note - it was totally ace.

Q. Who writes your songs?
A. We all do.

Q. What are the main topics of your songs?
A. Love, losers and liabilty.

Q. How your music-making process looks like?
A. Dirty...

Q. What comes first - the music or the lyrics?
A. Depends on how we're feeling, what we've been drinking, what's been going on that day...

Q. How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?
A. It's better!

Q. What was the biggest challenge for the band so far?
A. Finding South Shields... and getting out alive...

Q. What is the ultimate direction for your band?
A. North.

Q. Do you have any special achievements?
A. I have my Baden Powell Trefoil.

Q. Do you have any advice for emerging bands?
A. Don't play in 6 inch heels.

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