The Irrepressibles Arrow

Controversial? Yes. Taboo? Very much so. The newest single by The Irrepressibles, "Arrow", breaks all conventions - artistically and socially. Starting off with a sweet and soft classical preamble played by the string section, it quickly becomes a clashing, yet dychotomically perfect, mix of electronica and traditional music with a dose of soft, pristine male vocals. On a symbolic level, read as a conflict between two different eras, or contrasting approaches to the same subject, the music seems to make perfect sense, as it is matching the message transmitted through both lyrics of the song and its accompanying video.

The video portrays two naked (symbolic link to band's newest album "Nude" released 1 October 2012) young males fighting with each other - this picture emphasises the message of song through the depicted struggle, which could stand for fighting for one's rights, breaking conventions and social barriers, breaking out of cultural traditions and notions of social conduct.

Both title and lyrics of The Irrepressibles' single reference Saint Sebastian, who was a Christian martyr killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians. The saint is frequently depicted in art tied to a tree or post and shot with arrows. The arrow(s) thus in this instance may symbolise judgement and lack of acceptance from society, and St Sebastian personifies someone who must become a martyr to pave a way for similar thinking/acting individuals.

The single probably will not be liked by everyone and will indeed spark heated discussions, but we believe there is need for both such music and videos as they force music audiences to think about social conventions and cultural constraints, and what they mean to them. The song reminds us of another controversial song - "Hood" by Perfume Genious, where the artist also touched on taboo subjects.

The Irrepressibles is a London-based band playing an interesting, yet controversial blend of electronica and classical music. The group formed in 2002 by the vocalist/composer Jamie McDermott and comprises of ten talented musicians who influenced by cabaret, Baroque music and glam rock, came up with their every own, tailored sound.

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