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The Thinking Men, a promising Norwich-based band, have combined their outstanding talents (Johnny Raspin – lead vocals, mouth organ, guitar, stomp plank; Sarah Barsoumian – keyboard, meldodica, vocals, stomp plank and Ronnie Smith – guitar, kazoo, dulcimer, tea chest bass) and produced their debut EP 'Mirror Test' which is due to be launched 10th November.

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The newest release by this Norwich act brings you five tracks you will surely want to put on your mp3 player. They are deliciously bold, edgy and hellishly good... The genre represented by The Thinking Men is indeed an utmost interesting blend of old school, bluesy vibes with rock and roll and jazz weaved in between.

The whole album jumps between various ambiances - from almost blase, to confident and cocky, melancholic, and ending on eerie, almost spooky one - yet it still is contained within the convention set by the band - jazz-influenced blues rock.

I Think Therefore I Am represents very contrasting values and takes reason versus illusions under scrutiny. It is very masculine, boasting heaps of energy and confidence ('breaking of my shell begins'), yet being effortless and laid back. The track is a specific mixture of country and rock, with an added bonus of a funky bass line and a unique, psychedelic effect put on guitar. The choice of the accordion in False Alarm gives the song an amazing ambiance, which is fortified with the low, husky male voice and ethereal female backing vocal. This song will give you goosebumps! Sonnet on the other hand has an unconventional structure, as it fools the listener the track will be a soft, melancholic one – it unveils to its full glory, becoming an up-beat, rocking number.

We highly recommend 'Mirror Test' as it is packed with outstanding sound effects, confident and edgy vocals, skillful guitar and quirky organ.

If you are from Norwich or loved The Thinking Men so much you would consider travelling to this town, you do not want to miss out on the EP launch party taking place at the wonderful Bicycle Shop venue.

For more information about this act or want to discover their music, please forward your steps to their Official Website, MySpace, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter or Reverbnation.

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