The Transition by Yonas

Kanye who? Yonas has came back with a brand-spanking-new 15-track album and decided to treat his ever-growing audience and release the record free of charge.

The young hip hop prodigy did not leave his fans waiting long for a fresh dose of his genius songs - the tracks on his newest creation feature modern arrangements, edgy beats and synthetic sounds and almost old-school-like rap.

The album opens up with the bold track (titled same as the album) "The Transition" - Yonas reclaims the hip hop scene with the very first lines: "Dear Lord, let me back in/ I'm killing rappers, I know that's a sin/But I can't help it", and thus proving his strong energy and determination to gain recognition for his underground music: "Put a crown on the head of the king of the underground/No Rihanna, Kanye (...) run this town". In this song Yonas wants to confirm he stays committed and true to his artistic ideals, even though the more he is in the public eye, the more pressure he feels.

The rapper references to his last album "The Proven Theory", trying to portray and validate the evidence he is a true artist, transmitting his true life stories and thus pouring out his soul in each composition: "Don't you feel my soul on every single track, like that (...) has been oozing". He claims he is forming a specific community with his fan base - a "massive" movement - and we must admit this might be a fact, as this New Yorker not only does engage through his albums and concerts, but also actively interacts with his listeners through social media, reinforcing his ideal of a big, close-knit music family.

In his album Yonas keeps returning to his childhood and reminisces about hardships of living in a deprived area, just as he did in his last album "The Proven Theory". Here he points out the bleak reality of a young kid living on the block - carrying knives, breaking the law and having no perspectives for a better life when submerged in a negative environment. "Don't Give A Damn" constitutes a retrospective into the rapper's past, serving as a warning but also as a piece of advice pointing out that anything can be achieved if one takes the unbeaten path (line "I own my thing to the underground" proves just that).

"The Transition" also focuses on fun a little bit more than "The Proven Theory", as it contains a few easy-listening tracks contrasting with the heavy and serious songs on the album (among others, there is "Looking for You" and also a remixed version of, much loved by everyone, "Pumped Up Kicks").

On Yonas' album you will also find a very short freestyle song "Paradise" build upon samples from Coldplay's same titled composition released late last year. This is a very brave take on such a famous, chart-topping track, yet we must admit - since the remix was very tastefully done, the result is very interesting.

Musically the album is very varied - it is a fusion of modern r'n'b, rap, hip hop, chopped & screwed, rock, pop and electronica. The best examples of tracks with a multitude of different influences are "Lost Me", "Drive It Like It's Stolen", "Looking For You" and "Midnight City" but, of course, every single song on the record serves listeners with different flavours, creating an exotic, yet balanced and memorable compilation.

So, if you still have not downloaded your copy of "The Transition", hurry and get it from website! Don't forget to show your love to this fantastic artist and tweet him or like him on Facebook.

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