The Travellers - Quick Review

Whether you are looking for a good soundtrack for excursions during these summer months or are secretly a fan of psychedelic, colourful and carefree music of the 60's and the 70's, we present to you The Travellers.

The Travellers are an indie pop duo fronted by Gemma Marchi, Italian vocalist, and Robert P, Anglo-Swedish guitarist, who have been recording and showcasing their music across the Europe. They have been recently signed to Expat Records, one of the largest indie record labels in the world, and released an E.P. "For The Waves".

The band's songs are like a fresh breath of air in the age of over-produced, mass marketed "hits", and offer a very much needed alternative on the pop music market.

"Talk To Me" is a rather up-beat, bold song, but the raggedy, jangly guitar riffs and strong, confident drums are sweetened by an airy, almost angelic vocals by Gemma. The music has a Quentin Tarantino's movie vibe to it, which proves the edginess and quirkiness of the song, but also showcases the quality of the music and level of skill and talent of the duo.

Just like the latter song, "Interview The Moon" has a specific ambience, mixing soft, whispering drums, delicate piano chords and velvety, siren vocals with imposing guitar strums. "Waiting" on the other hand, is a perfect example of a romantic song, picturing longing of one's soul, with mesmerizing vocals and 50's like guitar and bass patterns. This would be a perfect hit for a prom dance and late hot summer nights spent with a loved one. Great vocal melody exposes the skills of the vocalist, who glides effortlessly on the scales, enriching a fantastic play of the rhythm guitar.

We highly recommend you explore other songs by The Travellers, as every single one of them is simply a gem. You can find them on Facebook , listen to their music on MySpace or SoundCloud, and follow them on Twitter.

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