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Yet again, another year, new discoveries, dreams and resolutions... It has been a while since we last posted a new article on rising Scottish talent, but we hope, dear readership, you would excuse such delay, as festive preparations and spending time with family took first place in our day to day lives. We do hope you had a very merry, but peaceful Christmas holiday and music-filled, joyous and safe New Year's Eve.

Nordic greetings - The Gothenburg Address

The second article in a series of the "Quest for new talent" we will start off with a unique post rock guitar band called The Gothenburg Address. The band comprises of David Jeans ("Jeansy") playing the drums, guitarists Chris Bathgate and Luke Joyce and bass player Rob Doig. The quartet got together in June 2008, got their first gig after six weeks of rehearsing, signed up to indie label I Messiah and have just launched their first album. Although established in Edinburgh, The Gothenburg Address gigs all over the central belt of Scotland. Their recent debut album launch gig took place at Mono club in Glasgow, and unfortunately was not overly successful due to handful punters turning up at the club. Nonetheless, this album is surely a new milestone for The Gothenburg Address, after soundtracking "Sonnets from Scotland" (film by Alex Boyd) and playing live at George Square in Glasgow as part of Winterfest in 2008.

Their self-titled album contains eight instrumental songs (lasting four to six minutes) and is available on iTunes. It has a really wintery feel to it - one may come up with such an idea describing the ambience of this album, as some of the songs bring pictures of fjords and glaciers, or the sun glistening on the snow-white roof caps to your mind. These music images indicate the source of inspiration for the band's both compositions and its name - Sweden. Quite obviously The Gothenburg Address takes its name from Swedish city of Gothenburg (Göteborg), situated on the south-west coast, but when it comes to music, the inspiration comes from the heritage of Scandinavia (Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland). It is always very difficult to compare different bands or find similarities between each other, but we may attempt to liken The Gothenburg Address to the notable Sigur Ros, an Icelandic post-rock band known for its distinctive, melodic compositions and vocals. The Gothenburg Address decision to omit vocals in their compositions was, according to them, a conscious decision so as to influence their audience on a spiritual, emotional level, but they might write songs containing vocal lines in future.

To get all the latest reviews on the band, go to their official website:
or if you want to listen to their music check out their myspace page at:


What's in a name? Corinne Scotland and The [Future] King of Scotland

To step into this New Year with a twist, we also bring to your attention two singer-songwriters sharing a link to Scotland, but differing in musical styles and ways of expressing their thoughts on life. First artist is a North-London based Corinne Scotland, who's beautiful, clear voice can be heard at small local venues and cafes. She is a very mysterious, secretive young lady - one can not learn much about her life and achievements much, as the only information she discloses about herself is that she is a Londoner who grew up in Essex, and that she loves writing songs which reflect her mind-frame. Her songs are an evidence to her statement she is "(...) a dreamer, a thinker and a believer". Have a look at her video for "Undercover Lady" done by the Peppermint Film. As you just heard, her music falls into a mixed genre type of music - influences of pop, broken up by fragments of latin jazz, elements of folk surface in this song. She herself describes her sound as a "folk/jazzy stuff". If you are more into jazz, you will definitely enjoy listening to her "Blue July" or if you prefer slow, pop ballads you should listen to her beautiful, ambient "Sweet Summertime" (both at

She has recorded a demo album in 2007 titled "Kiss Them As They Fly", and has recently finished recording the debut album "Melodiziac", which as she states will be available on iTunes some time this month. The sensitivity in her pop/jazzy compositions can be likened to the ones found on Norah Jones' or Katie Melua's albums, as she clearly puts pressure not only on lovely vocals or melodic harmony, but also interesting, ambient lyrics, which picture the world romantically, lyrically...

If you are interested finding more about Corinne Scotland, check out her myspace page at:

Royalty of indie music - The [Future] King of Scotland

It is incredibly interesting how we can portray the world in so many ways, using various musical and lyrical techniques. Surely, The [Future] King of Scotland is a very different artist from Corinne Scotland, but a one whose point of view on everyday life we can agree with as well.

Although his portrayal of life in Great Britain is not lacking a romantic perspective (which we get through certain music effects, like reverb, use of percussion instruments, etc.), it is much more down to earth than the previous singer-songwriter's.

What is very interesting, he claims to be a DIY man, having recorded his compositions in his spare bedroom and playing all instruments himself. One can clearly hear the songs have a really "DIY" feel to them (e.g. not very ideal vocals), but it is probably that what makes his music and lyrics to stand out and come across as a clear, believable message to the audience.

He has been acclaimed by The Skinny as a "strange new talent", and his music got a peculiar name of a "heart achingly lovely (...) perfect lo-fi pop" by Subba-Cultcha. Having rather a catchy and quite cocky stage name, The [Future] King of Scotland, who lives in Fife at the moment, might have a really good chance to spring up to stardom. He has released three albums so far: "This is not a demo" containing four songs, "I'm not angry, its just you broke my heart" in 2007 and his recent "The Complicated Truth" which is available at Amazon, Napster, CDBaby and iTunes.

To find out more about The [Future] King of Scotland, go to or indie label he is signed on:,

This is it!

We hope you like our findings and continue listening to these brilliant acts. May we suggest you recommend them to your friends and tweet about them to help them kick start the New Year with lots of buzz around their music! Until the next time!

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