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Here we are again, on the verge of the old and new year... Looking into the future, full of hope and dreams, we embark onto different journeys - but who will write new soundtracks to our lives this time? Who will become the ultimate pop star, get a record deal and an enormous fan base, and who will end up as a "one-hit-wonder"? We certainly cannot answer this question for you, as there is as many different musical tastes as people in the world, but we may influence your musical choices for the following year 2010 with our discoveries in this article series.
We are starting off our fortnightly articles - "The quest for new talent" with two Scottish acts: Brigid Mhairi, a promising young singer, and The Joy Foundation, an Edinburgh band seeking a worldwide recognition with their unique music.

A message to your heart - The Joy Foundation

The Joy Foundation's songs are ideal for typical, Scottish winter evenings, as they lift your spirits and warm up inside:

Although The Joy Foundation has been established around five years ago, they still seem to be underappreciated by Scottish audience. Initially a vocal-guitar band, which evolved into a five-piece band, is based in Edinburgh and performs own funk/jazz/soul/latin material. Despite great performance skills and brilliant musicians onboard (Emma – lead vocalist, Harry – guitarist, Tommy – drummer and Marek – bassist), they still remain unsigned.

This multicultural, Scottish-Hungarian-Polish band's motto is to raise their audience's awareness about current geo-political issues, like war and terrorism, poverty and pollution, and they also aim at transmitting a spiritual message of peace and positivity via their songs straight into listeners' hearts.

This highly spiritual, funky band had an opportunity to showcase their talent while supporting Jools Holland at Stone Palace in Perth, back in 2007. Just listen to the strong vocals, funky bass line and lead guitar – it is not your ordinary, indie guitar band with youngsters trying to become next Oasis – it is mature musicians and their passion for music:"Never Too Late"

The band is gigging in Edinburgh and in central belt of Scotland.
To listen to more of their music,
click on the link:

A zephyr from the Borders

Brigid Mhairi, a college student from Scottish Borders who started singing only two years ago, is building up her music career with much thought. She joined college to pursue music education, and also takes singing lessons from Hazel Quinn to polish up her already beautifully sounding vocals. You can hear her in a blues bands Rodent Doc, where she is a lead singer and in a pop-folk due with Richard Dunn called The Bus Stop Band. She is also a co-founder of Chapel Records, a small independent label, which aims to help starting up musicians to record demo material (Check out:

Brigid is a very busy young woman, not only running her independent label, studying a music degree, training her vocal skills and playing in two bands, but she is also preparing material on her own album, which she intends to launch sometime in 2010.

To understand her uniqueness, freshness and huge potential, we suggest you listen to an acoustic composition of the Bus Stop Band, recorded in Brigid's living room "Run".

Even though one can hear she is still a raw talent, needing a little training (breath support, pitch control), one may appreciate her gentle, subtle voice – almost as delicate and fresh as a Scottish spring.

If you are interested in her music check out her official site:
or YouTube Channel:

This is the end, my beautiful friend

Now, dear readers get cracking and explore the talents brought to you in this article, as the acts will surely enrich your lives with spirit-lifting music. Help them to achieve their dreams to become successful in the industry – tweet about them, comment and recommend to friends!

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