When The Tide Creeps In

Is it the wind blowing gently through the auburn fields, or maybe warm sun rays shyly glistening on the red-leaved autumn carpet in the park? Surely, it must be the morning dew covering the ground that falls asleep with the rhythm of the seasons?

No, it's When The Tide Creeps In - the newest single of Leeds-based folk/pop/rock band Ellen and the Escapades! The song coming out 24th October is a sneak peek of their first album in the making, and coincidences with a two- month UK tour, bringing the act to Scarborough (Hull Uni, 15.10), Leeds (The Well, 21.10), Wakefield (The Hop, 29.10), Pocklinton (Pocklington Arts Centre, 30.10), Winchester (The Railway, 09.11), Birmingham (Kitchen Garden Cafe, 14.11), Cardiff (10 Feet Tall, 15.11), York (Stereo, 29.11) and Sheffield (The Forum, 30.11).

The band who features Ellen Smith (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Jeff Schneider (electric guitar, backing vocals), Chris Quick (keys, backing vocals), James Warrender (drums) and Andy Calder (bass) pay attention to the smallest details, producing immaculate vocal harmonies, energetic melodic lines and poetic lyrics. When The Tide Creeps In is a very nice, enjoyable track to listen to at any time of day. Its dynamics span between gentle, tranquil and rocking, epic, spiced up by ever so soft and sultry voice of the lead vocalist, who reminds us of early Norah Jones. The arrangement of this single has a very classic folk/rock feel to it, and its simplicity makes the song so special - the subtle piano, strumming guitar and mild vocals in the quiet parts of the song, and the more aggressive drums, organs and electric guitar in the culminating points of the single all blend perfectly together.

Given you liked the newest track by Ellen and the Escapades, we also suggest you to listen to Always In My Heart, which is a heart warming, melancholic, ethereal song you most certainly will fall in love with.

When The Tide Creeps In is available to stream and embed from Ellen and the Escapade's Soundcloud along with the B-side Always In My Heart.

The band have just teamed up with Pledge Music and offer exclusive merchandise, access to updates and video footage for those who pre-order their debut album. To do that, go to their Pledge page and help the band to finish the record.

Stay tuned for an interview with Ellen and the Escapades next Thursday!

To get more information about the act right now, go to their Official Website, follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook.

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