Wood House by Hot Feet

Hot Feet

"Wood House" is a début EP release of a devilishly talented folk/blues/roots group - Hot Feet. The quirky band featuring Marianne Parrish, Jack Page, Rob Pemberton and Lachlan McLellan have cooked up a delicious concoction of folksy sounds that were jam-packed into five, superbly produced tracks.

Hot Feet hailing from a small town of Stroud, Gloucestershire, bring their audience closer to rural life and surroundings through the intricate guitar finger-picking, great piano chord progressions, and refined, silky vocals.

The first thing you will observe whilst listening to Wood House album is the richness and warmth of the sound, along with fresh, countryside ambiance. The poetic lyrics painted with Marianne’s delicate, unique voice make your imagination run wild - just as if you were one of the characters in each musical tale, you can almost sense the created surroundings.

Hot Feet

The album kicks off with a fantastic energy with "Wood House", and subtly progresses through "Under October" and "Words Of The Water" to reach quieter, soothing numbers like "Pine Needle Blues" with its amazing guitar motifs and enchanting vocals, and "The Woe Does Fade" - a simple yet lovely acoustic song.

The music of Hot Feet music can be likened to having a heart-warming cup of tea in front of a fire, whilst outside there is a roaring blizzard. You simply forget about your problems and outside world, while listening to "Wood House" and re-living a different story with each beautiful song.

We highly recommend you get a copy of "Wood House", as we promise it will most definitely become one of your favourite albums of all times.

If you love Hot Feet as much as we do, go see them live! Their next performances will be at:

  • The Angel, Woodbridge (12.11)
  • The Wilmington Arms, London (14.11)
  • Green Door Store, Brighton (26.11)

The EP is indenpendently released 14 November 2012.

If you can't get enough of their music and want more, make sure you visit their Official Website, Facebook page, Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo channels. Also, don't forget to follow them on Twitter for all latest news!

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